Over the years we have been fortunate to work with a wide range of customers from many business sectors. A selection of which is detailed in the following table:

- Websites
- Repeat Prescription Service Database
- Patient Satisfaction Survey
- MHRA Wholesaler Dealers license (WDL) Application
- Standard Operating Procedures
- Document Templates
- Guidlines and Fact sheet
Building & Construction
- Renovation & Refit
- Ground Works
- Salvage
- Stock Control and Till Management
- Staffing and Recruitment
- Purchasing
- Security

- Marketing and Sales
- Paypal or alternative on-line Banking
- Catalog and item definition
- Stock listing and supply management
- Event Management & Promotion
- Supplier Selection
- Contract negotiation
- Marketing and Sales
- Logistics Planning and Control
- Promotion and Marketing
- Fundraising and Events
- Overseas letting and tenancy

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical supplier

Commissioned to facilitate Licensing and production of SOP ( standard Operating procedures ) suitable for the MHRA. Groves also under took reseach in logistics and marketing.


IT Products and Services

Groves assisted in the development and adherence to a robust Business Plan that is now used as the core reference document to which all strategies and initiatives are derived. The company has recently experienced a dramatic up-turn in its client base and as a result will be implementing an expansion plan that will feature taking on more business space and the recruitment of additional staff.


Italian Restaurant

Groves was commissioned to ensure that with all aspects of the businesses proposed name change and re-launch (Re-Branding) were handled professionally. The process was completed successfully in 2004 where the new marketing material and techniques that were developed have coincided with a steady increase in business performance.

During 2006 a non-smoking policy was handled by Groves which proved to be highly succesful and included proving a smoking cessation clinic to those clients whom wish to give up smoking. Marketing provided exposure in local media and the project was considered to be unique. 



Groves carried out a detailed analysis of the computing and communication technology that was being used throughout this business. As a result a series of recommendations and enhancements were implemented where the business now benefits from an integrated information system that supports significantly improved efficiency of key operations.

Groves has committed to ensure that all proposed projects are completed to the full satisfaction of their client.


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